Music, text and performer Vlado Smiljanić.  


Painting Workshop - Visual art Workshop




In his lovely pension in Njivice, on the island of Krk, in Opatija and in Begovo Razdolje (in the hilly region of Gorski Kotar, which is the town with the highest altitude in Croatia) famous Croatian painter Tomo Kralj is holding painter's workshops. As a painter, Kralj, whose refined talent was granted in his earliest childhood, has gained his recognition in Europe, the USA and Japan. Over the past forty-eight years, he presented his work to the public at 35 individual and 100 group exhibitions around the world and won many a prize. As a prominent public figure, he was asked to participate in various cultural enterprises, including the long time chairmanship over the Croatian Naive Arts Association.
One may say that Kralj is a DaVinci-an type of a man since he proved to be equally skillful in both arts and technical fields, like designing computer systems for large corporations (where he gained his MA degree), or civil engineering. His extinguished versatility could also be noticed in his artistic work - he equally excels in graphics, oil on the glass, acrylic or in a gentle pastille. However, no matter which technique he uses, Kralj is always recognizable - in a meticulous detail, warm color palette, or in his praising of the work of the Maker, that he recognizes in nature, or in human labor.
Serenity, openness toward the world and people, vivid interest for everything that surrounds him marks the painter and his work, regardless of his current artistic style.
The enormous energy that he possesses is 'infectious' for his surroundings, he radiates it unselfishly through his work and in the contacts with other people.
Kralj is open enough to share his painter's experience and knowledge with the people interested in learning skills of the trade.
In the relaxed atmosphere of a picturesque fishermen village of Njivice, in romantic Opatia or in the idyllic scenery of Gorski Kotar (Begovo Razdolje), Kralj will pass on you the fundamentals of the painting techniques and teach you how to create your first picture, and introduce you with the oil painting on the back of the glass, which is a protected non-material cultural heritage of the "Hlebine Painting School".

Whoever is truly interested in arts and painting may take part.

- At the Adriatic island of Krk, town Njivice , where you can rent a suit.
- But also in the coastal resort of Opatija created by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire
-or in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar, in Begovo Razdolje, the highest altitude town in Croatia.

Booking for workshops on GSM: ++ 385 (0)91-539 2597


Alf Reider, a student from New Zeland acrylic on canvas, 2007.





Ivan Đorđević, a student from Opatija (Croatia), pastel 2008





Anina Furness, Cambridge (Great Britain), 2009.



Caroline i Martijn Barbiers, students from Veldhoven, Netherlands 2010



Ivica Fišter, painter from Vugrovec near Zagreb, oil behind the glass 2011




Kamilo Vujčić,painter from Zagreb, oil behined the glass 2012.






Add More Value to Your Holiday for the Same Money!

A highly attractive offer for your vacation! The painting workshop scheme enables to you to spend your holiday in a scenic resort of NJIVICE and get tutored in painting by a renowned painter. This all for the price of accommodation only! In a very attractive NJIVICE tourist resort, in a house overlooking a lovely bay, there are 7 suits available for the participants of the painting workshop. Their price depends on the size of the suit. The price includes painter's instructions and help. Each suit is suitably equipped, including the fully equipped kitchen. This enables future painters to stay over a day, night, or for a longer period of time. In each of the suits there is an appropriate drawing area connected to a lovely patio or balcony with a nice view.

Upon wish, one can lease suits that wear names of Croatian prominent painters: "Ivan Lacković" (size for 4 to 6 persons), "Oton Gliha" (1 to 2 persons), "Mirko Rački" (1 to 2 persons), "Josip Generalić" (2 to 3 persons. At the moment, "Celestin Medović" and "Vlaho Bukovac" suits are under construction, while the "Tomo Kralj Tona" suit is being occupied by the painter himself.

Similar to the NJIVICE painting workshop scheme, participants of the OPATIJA and BEGOVO RAZDOLJE painting workshops bear costs of the accommodation only, (according to the valid pricelist), while the assistance in painting only adds value to the accommodation costs. The participants of the painting workshops will provide for painting material and accessories. They may purchase material by themselves, or ask the painter to buy it for them.